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Wednesday 4th December
7am to 9am

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Meeting Wednesday 7th January

Post meeting ponderings ...

Happy New Year to everyone and welcome back to another year of networking!

Our first meeting of the year got off to a flying start with lots of members attending. We also had two guests in attendance:

  • Steve Marney from Motley, a Graphic Design company based in Sturminster Newton
  • Debbie Boyes of Mindful Resolutions, a company providing employee health solutions

Thanks were passed to Paul for organising the new online booking system which seems to be working well. For those who haven't seen Paul's post-meeting email, invites for the next meeting will be going out on Thursday prior to the meeting with a reminder on Monday. Booking will close at 4pm on the Tuesday to allow time for the hotel to be notified of numbers. Further enhancement, e.g. guest booking, will be added in the coming months.

Matthew has arranged a list of speakers throughout the year based on random allocation. If you can’t make the date which has been allocated to you, please arrange to swap with someone.

Angela (with a little help from Lizzie!) gave a brief outline of networking etiquette and how to build rapport with networking colleagues:

  • Ask them about their business, what it is that they do
  • Ask if they have a story which illustrates what they do
  • Ask what sort of clients they want
  • Ask what they are looking for, what you should listen out for on their behalf
  • See if you can sum up what they do in 1 sentence – if you can, then you have evidently been listening closely to what they have told you

Angela also then advised what should be said/done in our one-minute slots:

  • Give your name and company name
  • Say what your service or product is
  • Illustrate with a short story if possible.
  • Use a visual aid if you can
  • Say what your unique selling point (USP) is
  • Name the sort of clients/companies you are looking for
  • Repeat your name and company name
  • Give your strapline if you have one
  • Keep to time!

It was decided to use a different format from the usual one-minute speeches, so today everyone spent 10 minutes getting to know a new person and then presented them and their business to the group.

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