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Wednesday 4th December
7am to 9am

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Meeting Wednesday 28th May

15 Minute Speaker

John Rawlins

John Rawlins

Steele Rose & Co

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Will Writer

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Post meeting ponderings ...

Invited guests

We had quite a few guests with us today (to whom we apologise for the lack of tea and coffee!):

  • David Goodwin-Dickens – Estatesman
  • Philip Hall – Dorset First Aid Training
  • Lorna Harvey – Clinical and Analytical Hypnotherapist
  • Alistair Powell – Sandler Training
  • Jeanette Reid – Queen’s Arms, Corton Denham
  • Jonny White – Micron Communications

We very much hope that they enjoyed their visit and will consider joining EBBX in the future. The network thrives on new members so do please bring along a guest if you know of someone who would benefit from the networking opportunities our group provides.


John Rawlins, Steele Rose Legal Services

Despite unexpected flipchart problems (!), John gave us a very interesting and entertaining talk on a perpetually popular subject: how to save money. More correctly, it was how our beneficiaries could save money on our death, if we alter the way our homes are owned.

Most houses are owned as 'Joint tenants', meaning that each person owns 100% of the property. If one dies, the other then owns the house fully. If this arrangement is changed to one of 'Tenants-in-common', then each person owns only 50% of the property. On death, their half can be left to whomever they choose. The will can then be arranged such that their 50% is left to, say, their children but with the proviso that the surviving partner must be allowed to live in the house while they are alive. If the house is sold, the 50% of the deceased partner can be put in trust to provide an income for the surviving partner. On their death, the original 50% which was left to the children will be inherited by them along with the remaining 50% (if that is the wish of the surviving partner).

Some 30,000 houses are sold each year to pay for the costs of care and people can be forced to use their house as an asset. If only half a house is owned, it isn't possible for the state to sell it to cover care costs. With care costs spiralling, it makes sense to ensure that the state can't get their hands on what is, for most people, their main asset! There is no price limit on the properties to which this applies and there is no waiting period, other than the time it takes to prepare the paperwork.

As it costs only £100 to make this change, and as it could potentially save over £100K, it certainly looks like a change worth making! Contact John for more information or to get the ball rolling.

Other business

  • New Committee. The current committee has worked very hard on behalf of the group but it's now time for a change. If the group is to keep going, it needs a new committee and so volunteers are required. The committee only serves for 6 months so it is not an onerous task. Stephen Rendall is staying on as Treasurer and Alan Rooney has agreed to stay on as Minister for Fun so the positions which need filling are: Chair; Membership Secretary; Speaker rota and door host organiser. There may also be a requirement for a Co-ordinator to take some of the burden off Angela, who currently co-ordinates everyone. There will be an email coming out soon about volunteering for the committee and about how we will vote if there are more volunteers than posts. Please respond to this.
  • Congratulations:
  • The group has been shortlisted as a finalist in the Best Networking Group section of the Western Gazette Excellence in Business Awards – thanks to everyone who contributed a testimonial;
  • Jane Adkins advised that she has been shortlisted as a finalist in the Western Gazette Awards too – this is a wonderful achievement so congratulations to her and our best wishes for success on the night;
  • Jon Collacott also told us that he has won an award for hedgetrimming! Go Jon!
  • Sponsorship. Jo Reynolds is going to cycle 100km in September in aid of St Margaret's Hospice and hopes to raise £1000. She would be very grateful for your sponsorship.

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