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Wednesday 20th November
7am to 9am

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Meeting Wednesday 30th April

15 Minute Speaker

James Flynn

James Flynn

Milborne Port Computers


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Small Business Computer Services

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Post meeting ponderings ...

Invited guests

We had two guests at our breakfast today:

  • Philip Hall from Southern First Aid Training Ltd
  • Luke Mouland from Kith and Kin Research

We hope that they enjoyed their visit and will consider joining EBBX in the future. Do please bring along a guest if you know of someone who would benefit from networking.


Our presenters today were Jimmy Flynn from Milborne Port Computers and Jonathon Panton from Weldmar Hospicecare Trust.

Jimmy gave us an interesting presentation which debunked 10 myths surrounding computers:

  1. The speed of your computer is not linked to the amount of information you have stored on it.
  2. Moving your information to a removable disk will speed your computer up, however you will still only have the one copy and no backup. We all need backup!
  3. Beware of free clean-up software – it's free for a good reason.
  4. Password-protected wireless networks are not safe from hackers – if you are on a shared network, others can see your work.
  5. Your computer will not run faster if you clear your browser history and cookies from it. Cookies have no effect on speed and the browser history clears itself anyway.
  6. Mac computers can get viruses – it's just less common.
  7. On-line banking is not risky – it's probably one of the most secure things to do on-line. However you should never keep your user name and password in a Word document on your computer.
  8. A website will not increase your business unless you tell people it’s there!
  9. Manufactured computers will invariably be cheaper than a custom-build.
  10. A new computer will not speed up your internet connection – this is determined by the distance you are from the exchange.

So now we are all much the wiser – thank you Jimmy!

Jonathon's equally interesting (and interactive!) presentation gave us an insight into the work that the Weldmar Hospice does and how Jon works in partnership with local companies both to raise awareness of and funds for the Hospice. The Weldmar is a Dorset charity, a palliative care specialist, which cares for people with life-limiting illnesses, and also their families who can suffer great distress when their loved ones are ill. His background slideshow allowed us to see some of the many fundraising events that have taken place, along with statistics on patients and nurses, and some quotes from families that the Trust has helped. To help him with his presentation he brought along his (rather quiet) colleague Colette!

The Trust publishes a bi-annual newsletter which is sent out to 14000 people and also a business e-newsletter. Being involved with a local charity can have positive results for a business – clients and customers think highly of such corporate social responsibility these days and it can give a company an edge that others lack, whilst also raising the profile of the Trust. If anyone wishes to receive the business newsletter, please contact Jon.

He also introduced us to several ways in which our companies can help to raise money for the Trust:

  1. Affiliation Card. Cards costs £10 and can be used in preferred businesses where discounts are given to those holding such cards. It costs £20 pa + VAT to join the club.
  2. Business 500 Club. This is a monthly draw which costs £10 per month. There are 4 prizes each month ranging from £100 to £1000.
  3. In-house fund-raising. Plan an event for your employees, their families and friends.
  4. Adopt the Weldmar Trust as your company's Charity of the Year.
  5. Payroll Giving. Encourage your employees to give to the Weldmar through the Payroll Giving scheme. Money is taken at source and tax relief is available.
  6. Golf days.
  7. Donations of items in kind – out-of-date stock, for example.

These are just a few of the ways in which our companies can help this valuable charity. Please contact Jon if you want any more details on any of the above.

Other business

  • Please book a slot for a 10-minute presentation with Martin if you haven't already done so.
  • Don't forget the one-to-ones – they are hugely important.
  • A new leadership team will soon be needed – please think about volunteering for the committee.
  • The Brewery visit is going ahead on 14th May – please do try and support this first social event if you can. Alan has extended the deadline to Friday 2nd May so you still have time to get your form in!

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