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Wednesday 20th November
7am to 9am

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Meeting Wednesday 16th April

15 Minute Speaker

Angela Scott

Angela Scott

Utility Warehouse/Smarter Lower Bills

01258 818279

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Utilities Provider

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Post meeting ponderings ...

Today saw us back at the Sherborne Hotel, the Eastbury having not proved a successful venue, and we had Suzanne Norton in the chair.


Sue advised that there was a table on which everyone was welcome to display their company brochures – it was not just for the 10-minute speakers. She also asked that everyone acknowledge the email from Angela regarding whether they would be attending meetings or not. This is very important for ordering the correct number of breakfasts, and it's hardly an onerous task so please would everyone ensure that they reply in the future.

Invited guests

We had several guests at our breakfast today:

  • Peter Bowen, from Firstoneon
  • Helen Brown, from Gathered
  • Jim Rowe, from Jim Rowe Social Media
  • Alex Steele Perkins from Panoogle
  • Ellie Stride, from HUB303
  • Dean Wooldridge from DPW Plumbing and Heating Engineers

We hope that they enjoyed their visit and will consider joining EBBX in the future. Is there someone you know who would benefit from joining our merry band?

New members

We also welcomed three new members who have recently joined our group:

  • Fletcher Easton of Mews Moves
  • Lizzie Neyland of Neylands Tonic
  • Josie Sturgess Mills of JSM Photography


Suzanne Norton gave a very interesting presentation on her business, Back2Back Complementary Healthcare Ltd. She became a McTimoney chiropractor in 1999 having herself suffered from a bad back following several riding accidents. She is also qualified in acupuncture, massage, nutrition, low level laser therapy and pulse electro-magnetic field therapy. Treatment starts with an initial consultation, then creation of a plan of action followed by the most relevant treatment for your particular injury/condition.

She explained the various treatments on offer and told us of the many different ailments which they can help with. She also provides dietary advice and core stability exercises. Although preferring to treat people on site owing to the need to use various pieces of equipment, she can do home visits for certain ailments if the required treatment allows.

So if any part of you needs some gentle but effective care and attention, go and see her!

Our second presenter today was Angela Scott from Utility Warehouse, a FTSE Top 250 company which has been one of the top 3 suppliers recommended by the consumer magazine Which since surveys began. This discount club has over 500,000 members and offers various 'bundles' for your utility bills – electricity, gas, telephone and mobile – and they also do a very generous cashback card. Angela is looking to build a team in this area – training is provided and, should it not prove to your taste, you can leave within 3 months. Applications are open to anyone over 18 years of age and who doesn’t have a criminal record. She was keen to point out that this is multi-level marketing and most definitely not pyramid marketing! If you want to make a little extra cash, please talk to Angela or check out the following link:

Other business

Alan has organised our first social for 14th May – the Brewery Trip. A form will be emailed out with the meeting roundup for those who wish to go to sign up.

Graham Pay of Icon Business Solutions will be giving a presentation on Tuesday 29th April aimed at helping us all to improve our businesses. It will take place at the Eastbury Hotel, Sherborne, 5.30pm for a 6.00pm start. Details will also be emailed out with the roundup.

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