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Wednesday 20th November
7am to 9am

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Meeting Wednesday 5th March

Post meeting ponderings ...

This morning was a vibrant as ever if not more so. With 31 people in the room 1 minutes were slick and fast and in many cases humorous as we tried to keep to 45 seconds each.

Thanks to Martyn Powell who stepped in to man the door.

Visitors; thanks to our visitors for joining us, Fletcher Easton of Mews Moves and Max Storage, Emma Purcell from Octopus Personnel, Simon Barber of Filofile.

Whom I am delighted to say were blown away with the buzz and friendliness of the group and whom we understand are all planning to join.

We are delighted to welcome our new members, Richard James of Solicitors Title as our lawyer member and Dan Williams of Flooring Force as flooring and blinds specialist, who have both handed in their applications. If there are any worries about conflict of interest with existing members or other objections please let the committee members know asap.

We are very sorry to say goodbye to Simon Marfell of Stag Office Equipment, whom for health reasons and other commitments feels he is unable to support the group as he would like to, with his regular attendance so has regretfully withdrawn his membership. If you know of another office supplier who would like to join our group, please let them know asap. This group is in high demand now, we are having to turn people away due to conflict of interests, so if a category is available people should not hesitate to visit and see if they like us.

Dave Rideout is not at all well and will not be able to attend our meetings for a while. I know that all of us will be wishing him quick recovery and look forward to enjoying his fizzing company again.

Speaker 1 - Graham Pay of Icon Business Solutions

Having left the Royal Navy having achieved the rank of a Commander he then went on to make some very high profile international deals within Westlands Helicopters as well assisting running his family retail jewellery business. Such experience put him in a prime position to be a valued expert within Icon Business Solutions. This Australian borne business is now an International business helping SMEs and larger companies grow to their full potential. It helps the owners achieve the vision without getting bogged down by the day to day running of the business. It has already helped over 7000 business around the world. Questions abounded and I am sure he will have many requests for coffee meetings.

He is offering free business health checks, who do you know who could benefit from this generous offer? Looking for SMEs with a vision to grow bigger.

Speaker 2 - James Richards of Team Approach Driving Academy

James kindly stepped in at the last moment when Helen had to help out with a family crisis. Why do people crash? Well it's not as we all chorused, "because others get in our way"! The answer is, 'we all look but do we see?'.

James, as ever demonstrated his competence and thoroughness as an experienced and dedicated driving instructor with his talk on unintentional blindness and just how easy it is to miss things such as motor cyclists when we look around and we all came away more aware of our innate blind spots and the tricks roads can play on us with hidden dips the answer is to learn active observation.

He is looking for introductions into schools and academies, far too many young people die on our roads in their first year of driving. He is also looking for introductions to people towing trailers/caravans etc as well as companies who have fleet vehicles.

Please think who you can put our speakers in contact with.

Other items of general note and usefulness to members

Stephen Rendall, Ivan Rendall; told us about the half marathon he is training for to run on behalf of the Weldmar Trust and was rewarded with several of us sponsoring him but the more the merrier every little helps make a lot if you can think you can add to this.

Jo Reynolds , Western Gazette; asked us to vote for the Western Gazette business awards. Who do you know who does really good business?

Jon Panton, Weldmar Trust, please ask him for details on a fund raising document for this good cause which may affect any one of us.

Mathew Wood, Orchard Estates, has offered space on his newsletter to members wishing to promote their business.

Michele Frere, Barclays, offered a free open evening with Barclays, refreshments and advice offered.

121s; don't forget to meet up with some of the wonderfully expert people we have in the room and make sure you get the most out of your membership. Best offer, James O'Brien will not only give you coffee in the club house but take you out for a private lesson on the greens!

I love the way this group has gelled with so many members really wanting to help their fellow members and eager to exchange tips, advice and help as well as leads. It's a privilege to be part of it.

The Committee; Had its first meeting and was expertly chaired by Suzanne Norton of Back2Back Complimentary Therapy. Minutes to follow.

Finally, venue change, next meeting at The Eastbury Hotel on 19th March.

Have a very good two weeks and I hope you can make contact with another member and enjoy a meeting with them, you never know what might come of it!

Angela Scott

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