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Wednesday 20th November
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Meeting Wednesday 22nd January

Post meeting ponderings ...

What a great way to deal with any late January blues! Today's meeting had buzzing conversation, sizzling one minute talks and brisk business exchanges happening. It used to be the case that there were never fewer than 20 in the room but now it seems there are seldom fewer than 30!

We enjoyed the company of 4 visitors who joined us for breakfast today:

  • Mathew Wood of Orchard Estates, a pending member of EBBX (some people don't hang about with paperwork!);
  • Margaret Balfour of The Beauty Centre Sherborne, who suggested to the gentlemen what their ladies might like for a Valentine present and who is planning to sign up as a member;
  • Mark Lawrence of E-volve, Local Online Estate Agency; and
  • Carl Cochrane, Richard Crabb's business partner.

A big welcome to our new member James O'Brien from Sherborne Golf Club - we very much look forward to working with you.

We also said a sad farewell to Pauline Moylan who has been a great member of the group, doing much to support us in her role on the interim committee and with the start of the committee proper. We wish her much luck in the future and shall miss having her with us. Richard Crabb has kindly agreed to take over Pauline's job as head of the host team and to be responsible for organising the greeting/registering rota. He will be contacting people about getting them on to a 3-week rota which will require their being at the hotel in good time and meeting and greeting guests and members. 6 volunteers are needed so please think about whether you can help with this important job.

We had two fantastic 7-minute speakers today, highlighting what talent and integrity we have in the room:

Speaker 1 : Elaine Taylor of Aquila Business Services Ltd

Elaine showed us the breadth of her skills and the importance of asking someone to check before you go to print, giving us some pithy and very funny examples of when this had evidently not been done. Her company provides a range of services critical to good business. Elaine's side of the business revolves around document presentation, and the storage and retrieval of information. Presentation includes formatting, copy-editing and proof-reading your documents (either paper-based or online) to ensure that they are clear, correct, concise, coherent and courteous and that all errors in layout and format have been removed. Her skills can be applied to a wide range of documentation so there really is no excuse for sending out paperwork with errors on it. She can create physical or online filing systems, advise on records management and archiving, and also provide indexes or catalogues for your material, helping you to know exactly what you've got and where it is! This material can be in any format - files, books, photographs, videos - even collections of football programmes or hatpins! If you need help with any of the above, or know of any people/businesses who are struggling to keep their information under control, please contact Elaine for assistance.

Speaker 2 : Simon Marfell of Stag Office Supplies Ltd

Simon explained how, with over 11 years' experience in this business, he enjoys supporting local businesses by supplying low cost, high quality General Office Products. The quality is guaranteed, with next day delivery for anything ordered before 5.30pm. Orders are easily placed both "Online" or on the phone with Stag's Customer Service team.

He blew a few myths out of the water about the quality of paper which could save us all s and help us do our bit for the environment. With integrity and high level of service why on earth would you go anywhere else. You will be doing your business colleagues and friends a service to introduce them to him.

Simon is looking for anyone in business that is looking to save money and get great service when buying anything from printers, papers, ink, ergonomic office chairs, tea bags or loo rolls. He has over 28,000 items of stationery all in one catalogue.

Simon is a qualified H S E Approved Trainer and Assessor. He enjoys training and dispensing 'Lifesaving' training tailored to a company's requirements and budgets. First aid is something NO employer can afford to overlook.

Both our speakers are very useful people to have a 1-2-1 with Elaine can help you avoid expensive mistakes on printed material and Simon can save you s on office equipment and stationary and keep you the right side of the law with HSE. Think about whom you know who would like to be put in contact with them.

Business Card Folders

These have arrived and are very smart. Thanks go to Simon for supplying these so promptly; it will save chaotic fumbling in pockets and bags for our and our friends' and colleagues' business cards.

I am delighted to say that Elaine will not only now edit this letter before it goes out but has agreed to become our group Scribe and produce the meetings' newsletters, which will save you ploughing through my DIY letters with all their inherent spelling and grammar shockers.

We already have visitors queuing up for the next meeting so, if you know anyone whose business needs a boost, please bring them along before their category is filled.

See you on the 5th February!

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