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Angela Scott, EBBX Founder

An Introduction by Angela Scott, EBBX Founder


I set up The Early Bird Business Exchange in April 2013 for the exchange of ideas, contacts, referrals and knowledge and as a forum for the building of trust, friendships and business alliances that would promote and support the interests of its members. With their interaction, it has become a vibrant forum for business and for the increase of contacts and prospects through friendly and enjoyable networking.

EBBX Ethos

The EBBX ethos is that by helping others you help yourself. It is structured so as to encourage commitment from all parties, while remaining flexible enough to accommodate the input of fresh ideas from its members so as to shape it to suit their particular circumstances.

Advantages of Networking

Running a business/department or working alone can be a solitary job - choosing advertising strategies, cold calling, managing staff etc. I have been amazed by the benefits of this particular form of advertising, whose natural outcome of personal recommendations are so much stronger than alternative promotions. With the added opportunity for self-development in public speaking and the support and advice available from fellow members, I soon found networking to be an invaluable source of leads and knowledge.

Enhanced Opportunities

Speaking about your business on a regular basis to a sympathetic audience, who you are not trying to sell to directly, lets you explore ideas, crystallise your thoughts, see things in a different light and benefit from their suggestions as fellow professionals. Each person in the room may know several hundred other people who might welcome your services; and contact between members outside the meetings strengthens personal bonds, partnerships and trust.

With special thanks to ...

Joanne Reynolds

Joanne Reynolds

Justelle Marketing & Media Ltd


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Stephen Rendall

Stephen Rendall

Ivan Rendall & Co


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